Saturday, April 5, 2008

addicted to a new tv game show

me n my hubby are now addicted to a new tv game show @ star world: 'are u smarter than a 5th grader?'. the mark burnett production has come out with a brilliant idea to produce this new game show.

few comment after watching this game show:

- it seems like most americans can't imagine their own country's map. how can the mexican border becomes longer than the canadian border? duhh...aku org mesia pun tau!

- the american school syllabus is really much2 advanced compared to the malaysian syllabus. the periodic table is a syllabus for a 5th grader in US while in malaysia, we only learn it in form 4!

p.s.: if astro are to come out with the malaysian version of the show 'adakah anda lebih bijak dari budak darjah 5?', for sure the questions would be easier. no chemistry question, no historic question!

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