Friday, March 21, 2008

New Office, New Environment

This will be my new office.

One interesting thing that found at this workplace is that we always have makan2 event. here are my activities in my first day:

morning 8.15am: breakfast with new colleagues. mona (the officer that i am replacing, who's leaving to sabah), belanja us with her home-made fried meehoon.

morning 9.30am: meeting. nasi lemak.

noon: en hashim, the deputy director is about to retire. so he treat us with lunch at a seafood restaurant in bangi (i'm still trying to recall the name of the restaurant. well...memory loss is one of the symptoms of pregnant woman. :P).

5pm: entering my own room. wow...i'm quite jakun now. being in private sector for 4 years, rooms are just for big bosses. n now i have my own room too...? yeay!

my workplace.


Mystical said...

wahh coolnyer dapat own room!

suhanazainal said...

huhu harapnye cool la keje sini. skrg dah masuk 3 bulan masuk sini tapi still rasa cam budak baru lg sbb 2 bulan cuti. hehe....

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