Sunday, March 9, 2008

izzati the leap-year-day-girl's birthday

today, we went to my brother's house at putraheights. ateh & kak aida were organizing a birthday party for izzati, their 2nd daughter. her birthday was actually on february 29, 2000. don't know to categorize the people born on the date as special or not, because they only celebrate their birthday once in 4 years. but i think zati is special, because every 4 years, a big birthday party is a must for the family!

the photo that me n my hubby send to zati via mms has become the birthday poster all around ateh's house!

my cute niece with number '2' cake (her 2nd birthday at the age of 8).

scrumptious food from ejed catering (our official caterer - my new bro-in-law)

ateh being the game coordinator

birthday gifts - izzati is wearing the birthday gift from us! (the one with pink-white-green in colour)

zati, u shud join this club:

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