Saturday, March 1, 2008

visiting a newborn baby

this morning, me n my hubby went to azzahrah for my 33 week checkup. now the baby weight is estimated around 2kg. no wonder i'm feeling heavier n heavier everyday. from now on, the development will be much faster, phew!

then, we went to apis' place, which is just about few hundred metres from azzahrah. or maybe 1km? i don't know, sumtimes i exaggerate a lot. haha...

can you believe that this boy is just 9 days old?

holding iqbal in my arms, fuh, rase penuh je! 3.8kg!

iqbal is a very well-behaved baby! we were busy chatting with apis & is, but iqbal just stay awake in his babycot without making any noise.

p/s: seeing hafizul iqbal makes me wondering how my baby will look like, tak sabarnye!

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