Friday, February 29, 2008

last contribution as an 'ajk kumpul duit beli adiah kawan2'

an office buddy, Apis has become a father to a baby boy, hafizul iqbal, last thursday. as usual, i asked few friends to join donate few bucks to buy the gift for the baby.

with the help from Fly at terengganu branch, we managed to collect donation from 25 officemates. rezeki ko la apis...heheh....

after work, me n my husband pun plan nak gi jusco. but the last time we went to jusco cheras selatan, carrier tu tinggal satu colour jek. so we decided to go to jusco equine park. takpela pusing jauh sikit. sampai2 je, huh tinggal satu colour jugak...mmg hot item. promoter jusco siap tanya "akak ngan abg ni aritu ade beli satu kan?" huhu bagus gak memory budak nih. harap2 jgnla dapat display set aje. pastu dia kata stok baru pun tinggal satu jek. phew! so these are the photos of the baby carrier that i've bought.

after this, i won't be around to make any collection for newborn babies or weddings. but pls invite me to join yah!

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