Friday, February 29, 2008

last day at mmsc

today is my last day at mmsc. few colleagues have organized a farewell breakfast party for me. jal brings her homemade fried meehoon for us. sedap ar jal! plus, there are local kuehs, made by roha (ye ker? hehehe...) kak ain, our head of cmd gives her speech. too bad our general manager, en rizwal a.k.a bawal is not around.

with roha & jal

i love the farewell gifts!

then during lunchtime, it's girls' lunch out at mines shopping fair. few friends wanted to belanja me pizza hut. yummy!!!

special appearance by yatie from kpdnhep putrajaya

thanks to all friends for belanjaing me for the whole day. thanks for the friendship and kindness. i definitely won't forget this workplace, which kepts lots of sweet memories for me.

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