Tuesday, August 5, 2008

what's your favourite gotcha?

our favourite gotcha by jj & rudy of hitz.fm:

this is how the conversation goes, as far as i remembered:

(a telephone conversation by rudy and his mechanic)

rudy: hey, my brake doesn't work!

mechanic: what??

rudy: my accelerator doesn't work as well!

mechanic: pull your hand brake now!

rudy: omg, (sfx: bang! dum! )

mechanic: what's that?

rudy: i just hit a car la bro!

mechanic: pull your hand brake now!

rudy: it doesn't work, man!

mechanic: ok, don't panic! open the door and jump! (but he sounds more panic than rudy)

rudy: what? u want me to jump out of the car??

mechanic: at 60km/h u won't die la! just jump!

rudy: no i won't! arrgghhh!! (sfx: booom! dush!) arrghhh!!!

mechanic: rudy! rudy! ruddey! aiyoyo! (and some words in tamil that we don't understand but it sounds very very funny. this is the part that we laughed out extremely loud)

rudy: GOTCHA!

we know that this is an old gotcha, but rudy & jj, please air it everyday, because this is the bestest gotcha ever!


suya said...

hahahahahha det one is my fav...i mish morning crew....kete pinjam aku tak dpt hitz grrrrrr

suhanazainal said...

suya: cemane boleh tak dapat? ko pinjam kete sape skrg? sape pinjam kete ko lak?

mamajelly said...

fani fani, really fani lah

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