Friday, March 21, 2008

New Office, New Environment

This will be my new office.

One interesting thing that found at this workplace is that we always have makan2 event. here are my activities in my first day:

morning 8.15am: breakfast with new colleagues. mona (the officer that i am replacing, who's leaving to sabah), belanja us with her home-made fried meehoon.

morning 9.30am: meeting. nasi lemak.

noon: en hashim, the deputy director is about to retire. so he treat us with lunch at a seafood restaurant in bangi (i'm still trying to recall the name of the restaurant. well...memory loss is one of the symptoms of pregnant woman. :P).

5pm: entering my own room. wow...i'm quite jakun now. being in private sector for 4 years, rooms are just for big bosses. n now i have my own room too...? yeay!

my workplace.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

izzati the leap-year-day-girl's birthday

today, we went to my brother's house at putraheights. ateh & kak aida were organizing a birthday party for izzati, their 2nd daughter. her birthday was actually on february 29, 2000. don't know to categorize the people born on the date as special or not, because they only celebrate their birthday once in 4 years. but i think zati is special, because every 4 years, a big birthday party is a must for the family!

the photo that me n my hubby send to zati via mms has become the birthday poster all around ateh's house!

my cute niece with number '2' cake (her 2nd birthday at the age of 8).

scrumptious food from ejed catering (our official caterer - my new bro-in-law)

ateh being the game coordinator

birthday gifts - izzati is wearing the birthday gift from us! (the one with pink-white-green in colour)

zati, u shud join this club:

Friday, March 7, 2008


this very morning, i'm stepping my feet in my new workplace. the building is quite nice (macam building dalam game desert strike, my favourite game zaman sega dulu2). hehe....

but still, they haven't decide where our posting location is. need to wait for few days more. before receiving the posting letter, we can stay in the library as our temporary office. duhh....

this will be my daily view for these few days....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

becoming a government servant

today, i am making a history for myself. i am now a government IT Officer. hopefully, this job suits me well.

the taklimat pegawai baru was held at jabatan perdana menteri, putrajaya. after listening to talks after talks, then we received our surat penempatan. hmm... i never imagined that i will work under this ministry before. here i come.... (it's better la than working under samy vellu's ministry. huhu...)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

syelda & najib's wedding

both of them are our classmates during matriculation back in 1999-2000. selamat pengantin bawu kowang!

notice the election banner? the general election is in 1 week.

with suya n yus (congrats yus! biler nak banjer?)

dukorn was surprised with my hubby's new body size. kaykay was surprised with my new tummy size. hehe....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

visiting a newborn baby

this morning, me n my hubby went to azzahrah for my 33 week checkup. now the baby weight is estimated around 2kg. no wonder i'm feeling heavier n heavier everyday. from now on, the development will be much faster, phew!

then, we went to apis' place, which is just about few hundred metres from azzahrah. or maybe 1km? i don't know, sumtimes i exaggerate a lot. haha...

can you believe that this boy is just 9 days old?

holding iqbal in my arms, fuh, rase penuh je! 3.8kg!

iqbal is a very well-behaved baby! we were busy chatting with apis & is, but iqbal just stay awake in his babycot without making any noise.

p/s: seeing hafizul iqbal makes me wondering how my baby will look like, tak sabarnye!
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