Thursday, February 28, 2008

i'm about to leave mmsc

tomorrow is gonna be my last day at mmsc. being here for almost 3 years, of course there are lots of memories to be remembered. nice colleagues, cool friends, makan2 (masa company tgh byk duit dulu), keje tak kira siang malam, on & off trip to terengganu, 5 months at mara, and the most unforgettable, dota all-stars!

my workstation mase baru2 masuk dulu.

cherating 2006
dinner 2006

futsal team 2006

beserah, cherating.

business communication class

makan2 at yankies hut

the screen that i definitely will miss a lot. gogogo!

outstation to terengganu 2006

after makan2 at ioi resort

birthday bash december 2006

try nak jawab soalan quiz "what is mmsc's tagline?"....adeih...semua tak ingat...hahahhaa....

5 months at MARA. sempat beraya kat perantauan. huhu....

(sorry for making this blog just like a photoblog. sekati arr ni blog aku kan....)

i really enjoyed working here. thanks to all friends for your guidance & kindness. do invite me to any gatherings, makan2, or whatsoever ya!

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